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Atlas Koski has been sent to abandoned planet Earth to retrieve crucial information about the virus that drove away humans from Earth 600 years ago. The game begins when Koski finds himself in the wilderness after the spaceship of his crew was shot down.

Hazard #32 is a Metroidvania-inspired platformer that utilizes jumps, dashes & ninja rope and offers various puzzle elements & furious enemies! Game also features a timer that is aimed for speedrunning. (Timer pauses when game is paused, having a dialogue or transitioning between rooms.)


  • WASD – move
  • Space – jump, interaction
  • Shift – run
  • Mouse left – launch the mighty weapon (when unlocked)
  • Enter – pause game
  • Esc – quit game
  • Backspace – main menu

Aaro: Main coding, graphics, voice-acting, advisor, music
Joonas: Text interface, graphics, coding, voice-acting, sound design
Markus: Narrative, main graphics, animation, voice-acting
Matti: Level/puzzle design, playtests, sound effects
Mika: Project manager, voice-acting, UI design, recording & reporting, tile placing

Game itself was made in a month as a school project during an university course. As such this was a learning experience for the team and some things might have been hurried in the process. (For example, the game is not very well optimized.) For now game has only a Windows version, but it works quite well on Linux via Wine too.


Hazard #32 v1.0 7 MB

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